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Why Aren’t Hearing Aids Covered by Insurance?

The number of Canadians dealing with hearing loss is climbing, yet those who could benefit from hearing aids often do not have them. The main reason for this is the cost. Many insurance companies don’t cover hearing aids in their policies, which means that people are going without adequate support for their hearing. Hearing aids […]

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How Background Noise Affects Hearing Loss

Those dealing with hearing loss will find that their ears work differently compared to those with typical hearing, especially when it comes to background noise. The neurons of the inner ear work much more challenging when dealing with hearing loss, and if you are interested in learning why background noise affects hearing loss, read on. […]

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Are Custom Earplugs Effective?

If you experience hearing loss, and are noticing your diminished hearing becoming more severe, you’re likely looking for solutions to keep the issue from getting worse. As with any medical condition, you should contact a hearing instrument specialist or hearing care professional immediately to be examined, but there are other things you can do in […]

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What Are the Signs of Low-Frequency Hearing Loss?

If you’ve noticed that you’re experiencing diminished hearing, you may be wondering what your next step is and how you can treat the problem while reducing the risk of further damaged hearing.  A good first step is to determine what type of hearing loss you’re experiencing. Many of those with hearing issues are experiencing low […]

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What Are Invisible-in-canal (IIC) Hearing Aids?

There are quite a few types of hearing aids on the market these days, ranging in styles, sizes and even colors, as well as with various features and strengths, all designed to help restore your hearing, depending on the severity and type of your hearing loss.  Hearing aids, while once analog, have gone digital and […]

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How Often Should You go for a Hearing Test?

As soon as you are born, there are some regular and routine hearing tests that you will have gone through. These early tests are designed to detect any hearing loss that you may be experiencing at an early age. But often by the time you’ve reached school age, if there were no concerns, those routine […]

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What Are the Main Devices to Help With Hearing Loss?

In many ways, we’re incredibly lucky to live in the time that we do. People with hearing loss can now get access to a host of powerful devices to improve their condition, enabling them to detect a broader array of sounds than before.  If you or somebody you know has hearing loss, though, figuring out […]

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What Is an Air-Conduction Hearing Aid?

In general, there are two broad categories of hearing aids: those that work by pumping sound to patients through the air, and those that vibrate the skull. The vast majority of people use air-conduction hearing aids, but in some cases, they may not be suitable.  What are air-conduction hearing aids? When you think of a […]

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A Guide to Understanding Hearing Loss

From time to time, we can all feel our senses dull a little. Having a cold at this time of year can mean that you can’t smell or taste as you might normally, and aging can cause issues with reactions and touch, for example. Hearing, or loss of hearing is another thing that can occur […]