Is There an Adjustment Period for Hearing Aids?

woman in lavender shirt holding a single hearing aid

It may take up to four months to get used to your hearing aids and fully utilize them. Small improvements will be seen straight away, but patience is required. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your progress, please get in touch with your hearing instrument specialist for assistance. Hearing aids will often need to be changed several times throughout the trial period. This is a collaborative endeavor, so don’t be scared to speak out.

Be Realistic 

Remember that your hearing loss has been progressive; over time, you have lost your capacity to hear specific sounds in the speech spectrum as well as typical environmental sounds such as traffic and wind noise.

This means that getting used to your hearing aids might take some time too. The change between not being able to hear very much to being able to hear again can be startling, and you’ll need to know just what to expect and be realistic about the changes that will be coming. 

Practice with Your Hearing Aids 

Sounds that you couldn’t hear before will be returned when you start using hearing aids, but your brain will require experience and re-education to selectively concentrate on and filter sounds. Some noises may surprise you at first.

Don’t stop using your hearing aids because you are concerned about the things you can hear, or you don’t like the feeling. The more you practice, the more used to these sounds you will be, and the positive impact on your life will be easier to see. 

Begin by wearing your hearing aids at home or in other places that are quiet and peaceful. Concentrate on one-on-one interactions. Inform your friends and family that you are wearing new hearing aids so that they can help you in staying dedicated to improved hearing as you use your aids in increasingly difficult settings. Reading aloud or conversing with your pet may also help you get used to your own voice.

It’s a good idea to start with a part-time routine and gradually work your way up to wearing your hearing aids from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. Many hearing experts suggest listening to books on tape to develop hearing and comprehension. 


It is possible that the transition phase will be exhausting. However, after you’ve made the adjustment, the advantages will be well worth it. Being fitted for hearing aids to address hearing loss is an essential step, but it is not the end of the process. Getting used to hearing aids is more like learning to drive than learning to read with new glasses. It is a process that requires time, dedication, knowledge and patience.

Steps for Hearing Success 

Thousands of hearing aid users have utilized the following strategies to effectively transition to improved hearing health:


Surprisingly, this is the first step before buying hearing aids. Acknowledging and accepting your hearing impairment prepares you to receive the help you need to start on the road to better hearing.

A Positive Outlook

Step two is making a personal decision to improve one’s hearing while maintaining a good attitude. Purchasing hearing aids does not mean immediate success. To overcome hearing loss, you must be eager to learn and determined to improve your hearing skills. Those who approach hearing aid usage with a positive mindset have a far better chance of success.


Personal education is the most effective treatment for hearing loss in step three. The more you understand about your hearing loss and therapy, the more actively you can engage in your hearing aid adjustment. Hearing requires more than just the ears. It is a complicated function that necessitates the collaboration of your brain and other senses.

Realistic expectations 

Setting reasonable expectations is the fourth step toward success. Hearing aids will improve your hearing, but not completely. Concentrate on your progress and keep in mind that the learning curve may last anywhere from six weeks to six months, with the average being four months. Practice and dedication are required for success.

The best thing you can do if you are worried about getting used to your new hearing aids or you have concerns about any potential period of adjustment is to contact your hearing instrument specialist. Contact Hearing Well Matters at (647) 247-2704 for excellent advice and answers to any questions you might have.